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Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning

The Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL) provides a classroom environment to engage students in active learning, innovative instruction, and technological applications.  We are excited to have two pre-calculus courses (Math 96 and Math 112) taught in WisCEL classrooom, below are links to their descriptions.

These courses are taught in WisCEL because they incorporate active learning by having students spend a portion of class time interacting in groups discussing problems.  Students are expected to work together with their group members to understand, explain, and learn mathematical concepts.  The idea is that the communication between group members fosters learning, understanding, and communication skills for all the members involved much more effectively than just the traditional lecture environment.  Instructors, teaching assistants, and undergraduate student assistants circulate around the room to guide groups along in their discussions.

Also the courses in WisCEL will incorporate technology like graphing programs to aid students in visualizing a particular concept.  Finally homework will be assigned using an online homework software to offer students instantaneous feedback on their exercises. Please email the Director of Pre-calculus Programs if you have any questions.

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