Math/Hist. Sci. 473, History of Math - Spring 2018

Andrei Caldararu

Contact Information

605 Van Vleck Hall

Telephone: 262-2880



Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:30; or by appointment.


"Mathematics and its History" (Springer, 3rd edition) by John Stillwell, ISBN 978-1441960528

Course objectives

We will give a broad overview of the history and development of modern mathematics from the Greek period to the present. The course will interleave historical developments with actual mathematical results (theorems, proofs, etc.), so a certain level of mathematical maturity will be required (at approximately the level of a 400+ level course in math).


Grading Policy

HW will be worth 40%, and the final project 60% of your grade.

If you score 90% or higher, you will get an A; if you score 80% or higher, you will at least get a B; if you score 70% or higher, you will at least get a C; if you score 60% or higher, you will at least get a D.

Homework Assignments

Homework will be set every other Thursday and due the following Thursday. You are encouraged to discuss the exercises with your classmates but the work you hand in should be your own.

For the final projects you will work in teams of 3. Early on in the semester I will divide you into teams.