Ethan Beihl

About Me

I'm a second-year Master's student in the Curriculum and Instruction Department of the UW-Madison School of Education. I currently work in the Math Department.

I have a personal website mostly for my now-dormant tutoring business. You'll find it manages to be both incomplete and out-of-date, but you might still glean some information about me from it.

My last name is pronounced with most of the same sounds as the words "wheel," "eel," and "squeal." I use he/him pronouns.


In Fall '18, I am again teaching Math 130, Math for Teaching: Numbers and Operations. Course and assignment information for current students is available on the Canvas site. The course syllabus is available there as well.

In Spring '18, I taught Math 130, Math for Teaching: Numbers and Operations. This was its Canvas site..

In Fall '17, I taught Math 114, Algebra and Trigonometry.


To get in touch, you should use my University email, which is composed of my last name (double-check that the e and i are in the right places!), a fancy a, and You can also try the same thing at -- it should go to the same inbox.

My office is on the fifth floor of Van Vleck Hall, in Room 520. I share it with several other people, so please be respectful.

Other Stuff

I'm really much sillier (and, I hope, more interesting) than this website'd suggest. I really have not put that much work into it.

Here's a link to the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics (or HCSSiM) which is excellent and which I'd love for you to ask me about.