Ethan Beihl

About Me

I'm a second-year Master's student in the Curriculum and Instruction Department of the UW-Madison School of Education. I currently work in the Math Department.

I have a personal website mostly for my now-dormant tutoring business. You'll find it manages to be both incomplete and out-of-date, but you might still glean some information about me from it.

My last name is pronounced with most of the same sounds as the words "wheel," "eel," and "squeal." I use he/him pronouns.


In Spring '18, I am teaching Math 114, Algebra and Trigonometry again. Course and assignment information for current students is available on the Canvas site. The course and discussion syllabi are available there as well.

In Fall '18, I taught Math 130, Math for Teaching: Numbers and Operations. This was its Canvas site.

In Spring '18, I taught Math 130, Math for Teaching: Numbers and Operations. This was its Canvas site..

In Fall '17, I taught Math 114, Algebra and Trigonometry.


To get in touch, you should use my University email, which is composed of my last name (double-check that the e and i are in the right places!), a fancy a, and You can also try the same thing at -- it should go to the same inbox.

My office is on the fifth floor of Van Vleck Hall, in Room 520. I share it with several other people, so please be respectful.

Other Stuff

I'm really much sillier (and, I hope, more interesting) than this website'd suggest. I really have not put that much work into it.

I am an active member of the Teaching Assistants' Association, which despite its name is a labor union representing all graduate workers at UW-Madison, including RAs, PAs, Lecturers, and TAs. I am presently a member of the Publicity Committee, where I run most of the union's social media. I also work with Stewards' Council (StewCo) to help organize for better working conditions in Math and C&I.

Here's a link to the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics (or HCSSiM) which is excellent and which I'd love for you to ask me about.

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