Math. 521: Analysis I. Lecture 3

Spring 2018, TuTh 9:30-10:45AM, B139 Van Vleck Hall

Instructor: Mikhail Feldman .
Office: 709 Van Vleck
Phone: 262-3747
Web page:

Office Hours: Office hours: TuTh 11:00-11:50AM, or by appointment.

Text Book: Principles of Mathematical Analysis, by W. Rudin, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill.

Material to be covered: Chapters 1--8

Other recommended textbooks:
1) The way of analysis, by R. Strichartz, Jones and Bartlett Publ.
2) Undergraduate analysis, by S. Lang, Second Edition, Springer-Verlag.

Homework: will be assigned each Tuesday, and due on Thursday of the following week.

Rules for homework:
1. HW is due on Thursday in class, or it may be dropped in my mailbox (2nd floor Van Vleck) by 2pm.
2. No late HW. No exceptions.
3. Write legibly and in complete sentences.
4. When in doubt if something is considered `obvious', do not assume it is.
5. Questions with a yes or no answer require a proof or counterexample. No explanation means no credit.

Exams: Two in-class midterms and in-class final. Final is cumulative.

Approximate dates of midterms:
Th. March 1
Th. April 12

Rules for exams: same as rules 3--5 for homework (see above)

I will use the following scale to determine A--B--C--D grades:
A 85% +
B 75% +
C 55% +
D 45% +.
Also, AB and BC grades will be used in the borderline cases.
The numerical score for the course will be determined by the numerical grades for exams and homework weighted as following:
Final Exam 40%,
Midterm Exams 20% each,
Homework 20%.
Note that letter grades are not assigned for exams and homework. The numerical scores, weighted as above, are added to determine a total score which is used to determine the grade for the course.

FINAL EXAM: 05/08/2018, 5:05PM -- 7:05PM, Room: SOC SCI 6203