Turbo’s Homepage

Meng-Che “Turbo” Ho

Department of Mathematics

University of Wisconsin-Madison

480 Lincoln Dr.

Madison, WI 53706-1388


I am a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Chinese Name: 何孟哲

Nationality: Taiwan

Office: 422 Van Vleck

E-mail: ho at math dot wisc dot edu



I study Group Theory and Mathematical Logic. Specifically, in group theory, I am interested in Geometric Group Theory, Combinatorial Group Theory, Random Groups, Nilpotent Groups, Word Maps (for example, see Lubotzky’s work), Growth of Groups, Free Groups; in logic, I am interested in Computability Theory, Computable Structure Theory, Scott Sentences and Index Sets (for example, see the joint work of Calvert, Harizanov, Knight, and Miller), Model Theory. I am also naturally interested in any combinations of the above

Advisor: Professor Uri Andrews, Professor Tullia Dymarz

Here’s my CV.


Publication List

You can also see a complete list of my publication on Arxiv.

1.         Horocyclic Growth in HNN Extensions of Z^m, with Andrew P. Sánchez, in preparation

2.         The word problem of Z^m is a multiple context free language, in preparation

3.         On optimal Scott sentences of finitely generated algebraic structures, with Matthew Harrison-Trainor, submitted

4.         On the Symmetry of Images of Words Maps in Groups, with William Cocke, submitted

5.         Random Nilpotent Groups I, with Matthew Cordes, Moon Duchin, Yen Duong, and Andrew P. Sánchez, International Mathematics Research Notices, to appear

6.         Describing Groups, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 145 (2017), no. 5, 22232239



Math 211 Sec 307/312 for Professor Hung Tran (Spring 2017)

Math 171 Sec 002/323 & 325 for Professor Uri Andrews (Fall 2015)

Math 131 Lec 001 (Spring 2015)

Math 130 Lec 002 (Fall 2014)

Math 130 Lec 002 (Spring 2014)

Math 130 Lec 003 (Fall 2013)

Math 130 Lec 003 (Spring 2013)

Math 211 Sec 001/303 & 306 for Doctor David Diamondstone (Fall 2012)

Math 221 Sec 002/325 & 328 for Professor Ruifang Song (Spring 2012)

Math 234 Sec 003/345, 346, 347 & 348 for Professor Mikhail Feldman (Fall 2011)

Math 221 Sec 001/306 & 307 for Doctor Ann Scheels (Spring 2011)

Math 221 Sec 006/421 & 430 for Professor David Brown (Fall 2010)