Hao Shen

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics, Wisconsin - Madison

Address: Van Vleck 619, Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Email: hshen3 at wisc dot edu or pkushenhao at gmail dot edu

Short bio: PhD 2013 (Princeton); Postdoc 2014-2015 (Warwick); Ritt assistant prof. 2015-2018 (Columbia)

Teaching Fall 2018: Stochastic analysis (Math 735)

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:10 pm - 2:20 pm (or by appointment via email)

Lecture notes: by Timo Seppäläinen

Week 1 (9/6): Introduciton to stochastic analysis.

Week 2 (9/11, 13): Stochastic processes, filtrations, stopping times, quadratic variation.

Week 3 (9/18, 20): Path spaces, (Strong) Markov.

Week 4 (9/25, 27): Brownian motion, Poisson point process and Poisson process, Levy Processes

(Fun stuff: You may find this paper by Peres and Virag interesting. On page 10 the picture compares Poisson point process with a more nontrivial point processes - namely, zeroes of random power series)

Week 5 (10/2, 4): Blumenthal 0-1 law and running maximum of Brownian motion. Theorey of L2 martinglaes.

Week 6 (10/9, 11): Applications of Martingale convergence theorem: 1) Kahane's construction of Gaussian multiplicative chaos 2) Bolthausen's proof of diffusion of directed polymers in d>2. Predictable quadratic variation.

(Reference paper: a review of Gaussian multiplicative chaos ; Bolthausen's paper on directed polymer)

Week 7 (10/16): Stochastic integral w.r.t. Brownian motion. Ito formula. No class on Thursday (Midwest Probability Seminar)

Week 8 (10/23, 25): Stochastic integral w.r.t. Brownian motion and Ito formula continued. Application of Ito formula: deriving Dyson Brownian motion

Week 9 (10/30, 11/1): Stochastic integral: L2 martingale integrators. Midterm quiz.

Week 10 (11/6, 8): Stochastic integral: local martingale and semi-martingale integrators. Quadratic variation, integration by parts, change of variable formula.

Week 11 (11/13, 15): Ito formula, Applications.

Week 12 (11/20): Solving linear SDEs.

Week 13 (11/27, 29): Existence and uniqueness of strong solution. Weak solution.

Teaching Spring 2019: 431/001, Intro-Theory of Probability 09:55 - 10:45 MWF

Publications and Preprints - in reversed chronological order

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