Numerical Methods in Algebraic Geometry


Main Conference: SIAM AG19 July 9-13, 2019 (Tue-Sat).

Location: University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland.

Our session: data and location of the talks are TBD.

This minisymposium is meant to report on recent advances in using numerical methods in algebraic geometry: the foundation of algebraic geometry is the solving of systems of polynomial equations. When the equations to be considered are defined over a subfield of the complex numbers, numerical methods can be used to perform algebraic geometric computations forming the area of numerical algebraic geometry (NAG). Applications which have driven the development of this field include chemical and biological reaction networks, robotics and kinematics, algebraic statistics, and tropical geometry. The minisymposium will feature a diverse set of talks, ranging from the application of NAG to problems in either theory and practice, to discussions on how to implement new insights from numerical mathematics to improve existing methods.


Jose Israel Rodriguez, University of Wisconsin --- Madison.

Paul Breiding, Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences Leipzig.


00:00 Elise Walker (Texas A&M) TBD.

00:00 Tingting Tang University of Notre Dame: TBD.

00:00 Anton Leykin (Georgia Tech) TBD.

00:00 Simon Telen (KU Leuven) TBD.

00:00 Emre Sertoz (Max-Planck-Institute MiS, Leipzig) TBD.

00:00 Tsung-Lin Lee (National Sun Yat-sen University) TBD.

00:00 Agnes Szanto (NCSU) TBD.

00:00 Margaret Regan (University of Notre Dame) TBD.

00:00 Sascha Timme (TU Berlin) TBD.

00:00 Danielle Amethyst Brake (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire) TBD.

00:00 Justin Chen (Georgia Tech) TBD.

Important information for speakers

1. The rules of SIAM do not allow a speaker to present multiple talks at this conference. Here is a list of other proposed sessions special sessions.

2. Talks will be 19-21 minutes plus 4 minutes for questions. (At 17 minutes, a signal will be given if desired).

3. Titles and abstracts will be asked for at a later date.

4. The minisymposium number is to be determined.

5. Housing information is to be determined .

6. Students can apply for travel support here.

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