Michel AlexisGrad Student
Me when I first entered grad school
  • Weight: 11.3 Stone
  • Stamina: Ran a Beer mile in 7:50 once.
  • Attacks:
    • Clap Mania
      This graduate student can clap his hands together very fast. Doesn't deal much damage, but can distract babies and small infants.
    • Sardine Rush
      The graduate student opens and devours tins of sardines he's amassed in his office. A great defensive maneuver/repellent when other students begin to swarm him at lunch-time.
  • Resistant to: rabies (till November 2019)
  • Weaknesses: dairy (it's a mental weakness).

About me

My name is Michel Alexis (pronounced ME-SHELL). I am a 3rd year graduate student at Univeristy of Wisconsin—Madison. My research interests are in Geometric Analysis PDEs your mom Harmonic Analysis and Orthgonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle. My advisor is Sergey Denisov. I received my B.S. in Mathematics from Northwestern University.

My office is located in Van Vleck 316.

Here is my CV.

Email: malexis AT wisc DOT edu

Miscellaneous Facts

Real quotes said to me/about me (devoid of context)