Math 519: Ordinary Differential Equations


Prof. Gloria Mari Beffa; Office: Van Vleck 309; e-mail:

Office hours

Monday 10-11; Wednesday 1-2


Math 519, meets Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:50-9:40am in B 219.


Math 319 or 320 or 340, & Math 421 or 521; or cons inst.


Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaos by Morris Hirsch and Stephen Smale and Robert Devaney. Third Edition. Academic Press, 2013.


The course will be a rigorous self contained introduction to ordinary differential equations intended for undergraduate math majors and advanced or graduate students from economics, engineering, physics. Topics will include theory of linear systems based on linear algebra, proof of basic existence theorems, stability theory, bifurcations and applications to mechanical and biological systems.

Rough outline of content:

Grading policy:

Student's grades will be determined by the performance in homework assignments, three midterm exams and the final examination. The homework is worth 20% of the grade, midterms are 15% each and the final will be 35% of the grade.

Midterms and homework:

There will be three in class midterms, the first midterm will be Feb 15, second will be March 15 and the third midterm will be April 12. Homework will be assigned weekly and will be posted


The final exam will be held 7:45am-9:45am on May 10, place to be announced.