Michael K. Brown

I am a Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Office: Van Vleck Hall 313

Email: mkbrown5 at wisc dot edu

Research Interests: I study derived categories arising in algebraic geometry and their invariants, such as K-theory and Hochschild homology.


  • Topological K-theory of Twisted Equivariant Perfect Complexes (joint with Tasos Moulinos), submitted.

  • A Chern-Weil Formula for the Chern Character of a Perfect Curved Module (joint with Mark E. Walker), submitted.

  • Topological K-theory of Equivariant Singularity Categories (joint with Tobias Dyckerhoff), submitted.

  • Adams Operations on Matrix Factorizations (joint with Claudia Miller, Peder Thompson, and Mark E. Walker), Algebra & Number Theory 11-9 (2017), 2165-2192.

  • On a Conjecture of Dao-Kurano, J. Algebra 490 (2017), 462-473.

  • Cyclic Adams Operations (joint with Claudia Miller, Peder Thompson, and Mark E. Walker), J. Pure Appl. Algebra 221 (2017), no. 7, 1589-1613.

  • Knörrer Periodicity and Bott Periodicity, Documenta Math. 21 (2016), 1459-1501.

  • Software:

  • The Macaulay2 package SchurComplexes. Here is the source code, and here is a short article describing the package. Joint with H. Huang, R. P. Laudone, M. Perlman, C. Raicu, S. Sam, and J. P. Santos.