Math 490, Spring 2012

Curl (Collaborative Undergraduate Research Lab) Application page

Please paste the following text (along with answers) into an email addressed to mmwood symbol math symbol wisc symbol edu (replace "symbol" as appropriate); the subject line should be "Math 490 Application".

Campus ID number:

Year (e.g., sophmore):

Please list all math courses you have taken in the format "Course Number; Title of course", with one course per line. If the content of the course is not clear (e.g., a topics or reading course) please say a few words about the content.

List any computational software you have used (e.g., Matlab, Maple, Mathematica, Sage, Gap, etc.):

List any programming languages known (e.g., C++, java, python):

Do you know how to use LaTeX?

Write a paragraph about your interest in Math 490.