Math 234: Calculus - Functions of Several Variables

Fall 2018 - Sections 392 & 396

Professor: Sergey Bolotin
Office: 621 Van Vleck
Email: bolotin at math dot wisc dot edu

TA: Moisés Herradón Cueto
Office: 418 Van Vleck
Office Hours: Tuesday 11:00-12:00 and Wednesday 2:15-3:15, or by appointment (please let me know if you have a conflict for both hours, and I will change them if many people in the section have a conflict.)
Email: moises at math dot wisc dot edu
Time and place:
Sec 392: TuTh 9:55-10:45 in B341 Van Vleck
Sec 396: TuTh 12:05-12:55 in 587 Van Hise


Here you'll find a cheatsheet on vector integrals.

Course webpage

The course webpage can be found here, and on Canvas. Login with your NetID, click courses and then select Math 234.

Contacting me

For anything regarding the course, you can contact me at my email above. If you write MATH 234 in the header it would be appreciated, as it will help me not miss the email. Please do not ask math questions by email: it is messy and helps no one. Plus, now we have Piazza (on Canvas) for this purpose. Finally, in compliance with FERPA I will never discuss grades via email. For any of these reasons we can schedule a meeting if the time for the office hours doesn't work for you.


We will be using the notes which can be found here, or alternatively you can purchase for $17 in Van Vleck. Other resources, like errata, can be found here.


There will be quizzes in section every Thursday, based on the material from that week's homework assignment. They make up 10% of the grade. Quizzes make up 10% of the final grade.

Quizzes and their solutions:


Homework will be collected on Tuesdays, and assigned here. Homework grades make up 10% of the grade.


Here are the worksheets from discussion with some answers. Also, here is some solution to part a) of Problem 14 in page 77.

Statement of inclusivity

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To all members of our community, we, the members of the Department of Mathematics, welcome you.

If you see room for improvement in an aspect of climate or diversity within the Mathematics Department, please contact Tonghai Yang (Department Chair) or Jordan Ellenberg (Math Department Climate Committee).

Other resources

You can find a very useful list of resources, such as Mathlab or the Math tutorial program in here.