Mike Stemper

Who Am I?

I'm an Electrical Engineer. I received my BSEE from the University of Wisconsin in 1976. My field is power systems engineering. I worked in this field from 1976 through 2013. A brief résumé:

June, 1976 through March, 1980
Substation design and construction for a large IOU
March, 1980 through August, 1983
System planning and dynamic system stability studies for a G&T co-op
August, 1983 through July, 2013
Employed by a large SCADA and EMS vendor, I held the following roles:

Although I'm no longer active in the field, I maintain my membership in the IEEE. For 2019, I am the Secretary of the Madison Section, as well as Secretary-Treasurer of the recently-formed joint chapter of the PES and the IAS. I've spent a little bit of time modeling various aspects of system operational control.

I am attending UW as a UNDS. My main area of interest is mathematics, although I've also taken some astronomy. Physics is in my future, as well.

Outside of school, I'm also quite interested in Speculative Fiction.