Part II notes on Riemann Surfaces


Graduate Number Theory Seminar(Spring 2021) \(p\)-adic groups and their representations Recording

Graduate Number Theory Seminar(Fall 2020) Character Ratio of the Transvection Matrix

Graduate Number Theory Seminar(Spring 2020) Local Fields and their Ramification

Shorter Readings

Mostly things I wrote on a blog (that I no longer update). These vary from standard exposition to what is considered commonly ocurring topics in university/graduate level mathematics to, some fairly random topics.

A brief introduction to Ultrafilters and Hyperreals

Some properties of Faulhaber's formulas

Hensel's Lemma

Computing the ramification groups of \(\mathbb{Q}_3(\zeta_3,\sqrt[3]{2})\)

Example that derived subgroup is not the same as the set of commutators

Using ramification theory to find the finite extensions of the field of Laurent Series

The different versions of Gauss's Lemma

Pictorial Explanation of Euler Summation Formula

(Really) old qual questions for the group theory section. (Note: It may not be so relevant when preparing for recent qual questions).

CS812 Algorithmic Number Theory Project