I got my bachelor degree in mathematics from UNAM's (the National Autonomous University of Mexico) science school in Mexico City in 2013 where I worked with Magali Folch and Rafael Rojas. Between Spring 2011 and Spring 2013 I was a TA for classes like Calculus and Set Theory at UNAM. To known about me read more.


Right now I'm a graduate student in University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Mathematics teaching math 113. My research area is logic, specifically Set Theory and my advisor is Dr. Kenneth Kunen. I'm interested in subsets of reals and their behavior under different anxioms and forcing extensions.

Contact information

My office 718 in Van Vleck. My email


Here you can find my publications.


Here you can find some useful reaserch notes.

Current Teaching

I'm currently teaching math 113 professor you can find the course webpage here.

Past teaching

You can find information about my past teaching here.