I am a Van Vleck Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am interested in modeling multicomponent lipid vesicles using mathematical and computational tools. A Vesicle is a body of fluid enclosed within a lipid bilayer membrane. On the membrane, cholesterol combines with saturated lipids form energetically stable domains which are surrounded by unsaturated lipids. These domains coarsen with time and due to large physical application such as tissue ablation, electrofusion and treatment of tumors, these are examined in the presence of external fluid flow and electric fields.

  Latest News
1)November 2018: DFD conference in Atlanta to talk on Slippery Multicomponent Vesicles
2)Talk at SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences
3 Recent submission: The Cahn-Hilliard-Cook Equation on Curved Surfaces in Three-Dimensional Space.
4)Talk at DFD APS 2015
5)Won the Mechanical And Aerospace teaching fellowship for summer 2016 at UB.
6)Teaching ENT 301 at Buffalo State.
7)Second Place at the poster competition organized by SEAS,UB 2015 for the poster titled, Hydrodynamics of Multicomponent Lipid Vesicles in Three-Dimensional Space.
8) Third place at UB Hackathon: I, Vikas Dhiman and Suren Kumar came up with a head tracker algorithm using OpenCV face detector, Point Cloud libraries along with ASUS to capture head movement in 24 hours. Code Available.
A sample demo.