Spring 2017 - Math 131

Spring 2016 - Math 222 - Saverio Spagnolie

Fall 2015 - Math 234 - Gabriele Meyer

Spring 2015 - Math 234 - Alexander Hanhart

Fall 2014 - Math 222 - Serguei Denissov

Spring 2014 - Math 222 - Jennifer Beichman

Fall 2013 - Math 222 - Daniel Erman

About me

I am a 6th year graduate student in Mathematics at UW Madison. I am very fortunate to have Shamgar Gurevich as my advisor.
Teaching is very important to me and I was happy to be named an L&S Teaching Fellow for 2017-18.
Here's a copy of my CV.

Research Projects:

Sparse Channel Estimation:

Team: Joint work with Shamgar Gurevich.

This project utilizes the mathematical structure of the Heisenberg representation to suggest signal design and a channel estimation algorithm that is more efficient in the case that the channel is sparse.

Power Systems Algorithms:

Team: Nigel Boston, Zachary Charles, Bernie Lesieutre, Julia Lindberg.

This project involves expanding current understanding of the algebraic structure of the power flow equations and applying this to algorithm design.

Community detection in inhomogeneous random graphs:

Team: Jordan Ellenberg, Lalit Jain.

With several advancements in modeling random networks, we are investigating how to generalize tools for community detection in homogeneous Erdös-Rényi graphs to broader categories of random models.


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