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Madison Workshop in Fourier Analysis

May 16-18, 2018, Van Vleck Hall.

Organizers: Andreas Seeger, Betsy Stovall.

RTG Analysis and Applications

Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows 2018

The members of this group work on a wide spectrum of topics. Research interests include:

Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Applied Analysis, Mathematical Physics,
Approximation Theory, Analysis on Lie groups, Wavelets, Analytic Number Theory, and Special Functions.

Theresa Anderson
Van Vleck Assistant Professor and NSF Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2018)
tcanderson at

Sergey Denisov
denissov at

Xianghong Gong
gong at

Hanlong Fang
Van Vleck Assistant Professor

Shaoming Guo
Assistant Professor

Trevor Leslie
Van Vleck Assistant Professor

Simon Marshall
Assistant Professor
marshall at

Amos Ron
Professor (Computer Science Department))
amos at

Joris Roos
Van Vleck Assistant Professor,
jroos at

Andreas Seeger
seeger at

Betsy Stovall
Associate Professor
stovall at

Brian Street
Associate Professor
street at

Ruixiang Zhang
Van Vleck Assistant Professor


Patrick Ahern
Professor Emeritus
ahern at

Richard Askey
Professor Emeritus
askey at

Carl de Boor
Professor Emeritus
deboor at

Simon Hellerstein
Professor Emeritus
hellerst at

Alexander Nagel
Professor Emeritus
nagel at

Jean-Pierre Rosay
Professor Emeritus
jrosay at

Daniel Shea
Professor Emeritus
shea at

Michael Voichick
Professor Emeritus
voichick at

Stephen Wainger
Professor Emeritus
wainger at

Frequent or Long Term visitors.

Some former members at other institutions

For other mathematicians at UW Madison with interest in analysis
check the webpages for other research groups .

In memoriam: Remembering Walter Rudin