Positivity in Algebraic Geometry reading seminar (Fall 2016)


This will be adjusted as necessary.
Sep 131.1: Divisors and line bundlesLorenzo Najt
Sep 201.1 continuedLorenzo Najt
Sep 271.2: The Classical TheoryDaniel Hast
Oct 41.4: Nef line bundles and divisorsJay Yang
Oct 111.5: Examples and complementsMoises Herradon
Oct 181.8: Castelnuovo-Mumford regularityDJ Bruce
Oct 25no lecture
Nov 12.1: Asymptotic theoryDaniel Erman
Nov 82.2: Big line bundles and divisorsDaniel Hast
Nov 153.1: The Lefschetz theoremsSteven Sam
Nov 223.2: Projective subvarieties of small codimensionJay Yang
Nov 293.3: Connectedness theoremsLorenzo Najt
Dec 64.1: Vanishing theoremsHang Huang