Botong Wang

Botong Wang

  Assistant Professor
  Department of Mathematics
  University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Office: Van Vleck Hall 403



  B.S, Peking University, 2002-2006

  Ph.D, Purdue University, 2006-2012


  Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2017-now

  Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2016-2017

  Postdoc, KU Leuven, Fall 2015

  Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame, 2012-2015


  I teach Algebraic topology II this semester.

Here are the previous courses I have taught at Madison.


I am interested in the topology of algebraic varieties, and its interaction with combinatorics and algebraic statistics. More specifically, I have been working on the following topics.

  • Fundamental groups of projective varieties and Khler manifolds
  • Nonabelian Hodge theory
  • Cohomology jump loci of algebraic varieties and Khler manifolds
  • Deformation theory with cohomology constraints
  • The topological interpretation of maximum likelihood degree and Euclidean distance degree
  • Fourier-Mukai (or Mellin) transformation and the generic vanishing theorems
  • Kazhdan-Lusztig theory for matroids

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