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  • The Algebraic Revolution: Solving for Chocolate
  • Art Evans featured by Live Science, Yahoo
  • Calculus Course Packets are now for sale
  • Slemrod Makes A Splash in Fluid Dynamics
  • Paul Rabinowitz honored with Juliusz Schauder Medal

The Algebraic Revolution: Solving for Chocolate

Nigel Boston was featured alongside Rob Nowak from WID on how algebra is being applied to countless problems, such as how Netflix uses algebra to help identify suggestions that a user might enjoy.  

"The idea of algebra is very clean. Communications, coding theory, and cryptography use a lot of algebra; more and more, computer scientists and engineers are having to learn some algebra. But there are so many other applications – we could be at the start of some movement” says Boston.

Math Circles Flourish Worldwide

Former Van Vleck Assistant Professor, Natasha Rozhkovskaya, now an Associate Professor at Kansas State University, recently wrote the first guide to math circles for elementary school children.  She was interviewed in the blog for Scientific American about math circles in general, their beginnings and their widespread popularity.

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