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We are devoted to research and teaching, and want to spread our excitement about mathematics to the rest of the world.

As a diverse group, the Mathematics Department strives to foster an open and supportive community.  To learn more about our Climate and Diversity here.

Tripods Grant Renewed
In Memoriam: Ken Kunen
Exploring the world of Atari, doughnuts and geometry
Alumna teaches math through knitting

Zepeda-Nunez part of new method to improve simulations of waveforms

Our own Leonardo Zepeda-Nunez was part of this new method to expand the theoretical limit on the complexity of simulations.

Computer simulations of waveforms are essential tools for researchers in many fields, from earth science and the energy industry to medical imaging. A new mathematical method developed by MIT researchers eliminates a theoretical limit on the complexity of the simulations these fields can create as they work with increasingly powerful supercomputers.

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Tripods Grant Renewed

The Institute for Foundations of Data Science (IFDS), in an expanded partnership with the University of Washington, the University of California Santa Cruz and the University of Chicago, has been awarded a five-year $12.5 million grant from the NSF TRIPODS program, one of only two institutes nationwide to receive Phase II funding.  Several Math faculty are affiliated with the IFDS, which fosters interdisciplinary collaboration in data science through weekly informal meetings, special interest groups, workshops and summer schools. The IFDS also supports a number of Math graduate students who benefit from mentoring by faculty outside the department.

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